For our 2020 online experience, we have opportunities for volunteers to support with managing the digital Photo Contest, tending to social media & designing posts, and working with our community partners/businesses. Send an email to LentsCommunityPetParade@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer in this capacity!

In previous years, volunteering has looked like the outline below. We’re holding out hope that we’ll be able to do this again in years to come!

We’d love to have you join the team of volunteers. There’s a spot and a role for anyone (any age, any ability!) interested in serving to help make this event a success. Check out the list of opportunities and email LentsCommunityPetParade@gmail.com to get signed up!

Volunteers will receive a neon animal-print bandana at the event. Wear this to identify yourself as a volunteer so you will be recognized. Participants may need your assistance or have questions and it will be easy to spot other volunteers for support.

  • Set-up: Show up at 8am to help with setting up tables, staging the area, marking the parade route, and decorating! (Meet at The Lents International Farmers Market.)
  • Clean-up: Many hands will make fast work! At 1pm, help with taking down the parade route & cleaning up the grounds. At 2pm we can begin clearing our area from the Farmer’s Market. Our goal is to leave it all better than when we came.
  • Greeters: Be a positive influence with a welcoming spirit and smile! By becoming familiar with the activities, locations, parade route and information, you’ll be able to help participants fully enjoy the event. Some greeters will be needed to help at a particular activity while others will be needed to mingle and move around throughout the event. You’ll also be stocked with some raffle tickets and a couple poop bags you can hand out!
  • Artisans: We are currently recruiting face-painters, balloon-animal sculptors and photographers, and people who can help with bubbles, the photo-booth and running the sound. If you’ve got a special skill or talent you’d like to contribute, let us know!
    • Face-Painters – We can supply the painting materials, you supply the art!
    • Photographers – Helping create a photo-booth staging area, taking pictures of people & pets, and getting candids on the parade route!
    • Balloon-animal sculptors – We have balloons and tools so you can blow them up fast but the fun is in creating more animals & props for the parade!
    • Sound/DJ/Musical Performer – Help create a playlist, run the sound board or perform and be the soundtrack to the parade!
    • Translators – This event is intentionally striving to be  accessible to all! We are looking for bilingual and bicultural neighbors who can help translate flyers and information so all neighbors can be welcomed & attend.
    • Digital & Social Media Gurus – We are looking for passionate & savvy promoters who can update the website and social media platforms in ways that enhance community building, pet safety, and fun in Lents!
  • Donations: If you would like to donate supplies or funding for this event, email LentsCommunityPetParade@gmail.com.  If you would like to donate animals, there are many local organizations specializing in adoptions. Email us and we would love to help connect you.
  • Partnerships: If you or your organization would like to partner with the Pet Parade, contact us! We are focused on connecting with local neighborhood supports that invest in the wellbeing of all our neighbors. We are looking to form collaborations that can be recurrent and join in on a piece of shared leadership with the event.
  • Sponsorship: Businesses & organizations looking to financially help through sponsorship fuel the activities & sustainability of this event so it can remain free to the public!! Sponsorships start at $150 and include promotion of your business & organization. Contact LentsCommunityPetParade@gmail.com for more information!
  • Official Poop Patrol! You are the suppliers of the poop-bags to other volunteers and participants. You also round up stray piles of poop that get missed by owners. Extra raffle tickets are given to you for your efforts & any collections you make! Young kids love this role and get to wear the special poop emoji badge!

Do you have other ideas on how you’d like to contribute?! We’d love to hear what you have in mind! There are so many ways to honor community and we want to be an outlet for your generosity to others. If you would like to volunteer in honor of a pet or loved one, let us know so that we may honor them too. (Please note that at this event, there is no soliciting, sales or fundraising.)

Thank you so much for joining the team! We look forward to a great event and meeting YOU!