Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my ___________ (your-pet-of-choice) to participate?

Any friendly pet is invited to attend. If you have any concerns or hesitations in bringing your pet because of their behavior or safety, we support you keeping your pet home. If your pet could appear to look like a toy to another animal, consider bringing your pet in a secure environment, decorated to their liking, of course.

How do I register and what does it cost?

There is no registration and there is no cost! This is a free, community-unifying event. Just show up and connect with neighbors and resources. Pass on a smile and more good will.

What can I bring on the parade?

Strollers, wagons, streamers, pinwheels, & bubbles are permitted & ENCOURAGED! Fireworks and noisemakers are prohibited due to the distress they cause to the animals. Please, do not feed other people’s pets or the goats.

What if it rains?

Get wet, wear a raincoat or puddle-jump. In the case of heavy rain or lightening, we may need to cancel the event.

What is the parade route like?

The parade route takes place on pavement, grass and sidewalk, from The Boys & Girls Club, around the goat enclosure.  The entire loop is less than a 1/2 mile and does not take place on any streets. It is relatively flat terrain but may be slightly bumpy or muddy.

Can I volunteer in honor of a pet or person?

Absolutely! Go to the volunteer page for more details and let us know who you are doing service for so that we may honor them too.