Frequently Asked Questions

The 2020 Pet Parade is redesigned as an entirely online experience. We’re now doing a PET PHOTO PARTY! This is new for all of us & we’ll find our way together!

What is the online experience for 2020?

Activities now take place all summer through social media and our website! We are no longer limited by 1-day and so we will be posting over the summer from our event page on Facebook. We will have a Pet Photo Party and along the way we’ll also include a Virtual Farmers Market Tour, Vendor Videos of Community Partners and Prizes! We’ll be posting to the Facebook Event and join the Facebook group: Lents Community Pet Parade.

Will there still be a parade? 

Nope. Instead of a parade, we are having an online Pet Photo Party!

How does the Pet Photo Party work?

The Pet Photo Party will open for submissions on the day the Lents International Farmers Market opens: Sunday, June 7th! Submissions will continue throughout the summer and prizes will be awarded, through August 2nd. Visit our Pet Photo Party page to see the details and to get the link for the submission form. We encourage you to be in the photos with your pet, too! We will select winners throughout the summer by a randomized drawing. You could win a gift certificate to the Lents International Farmers Market or gift basket from our neighborhood partners!

What are the categories for the Pet Photo Party?

  • Assistance Animals – There are many ways that we work together with animals. This category highlights therapy & service animals.
  • Farm & Backyard Animals – We’d love to see them enjoying their life on the land.
  • Look-Alikes – Send in a shot of how you & your pet look-alike!
  • Costumes – Have fun dressing up!
  • Baby Animals – Show us your pictures of the babies!
  • Part of the family – A category of the ways you are together. Let’s see how you picture your pet as a member of the family.

Is there a cost or fee? 

Nope. We continue to offer this FREE!

Do I need to have a pet? 

Nope. You’ve never needed to have a pet to participate. When we did a parade, we encouraged those without a pet to bring a teddy bear or stuffed animal. We also had inflatable animals that were freely passed out to carry along the route and enjoy.

You can still participate in the Pet Photo Party with a loveable toy animal or even take a picture of that backyard squirrel you’ve befriended. Pick a category and submit when the party opens!

What if I have trouble submitting a photo? 

Email us at and we’ll help you out.

Are there any restrictions?

We want to be clear that the purpose of this event is to celebrate our diverse community and create positive experiences together. This event is intentionally sponsored by a mental health organization and a neighborhood international farmers market to support social impact, therapeutic experiences and community unity. A submission will be considered ineligible if it contains language or images that are in any way racist, threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, in breach of confidence, embarrassing to any person or likely to deceive any person, hateful, blasphemous, pornographic, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or which constitutes or encourages conduct that
would be considered a criminal offense or otherwise contrary to any law or appear contrary to the spirit of the Pet Photo Party. You can also check out our Official Rules, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy for all the fine details.


And here is a list of previous Frequently Asked Questions. Any that have to do with an on-site event do not apply for 2020. 

Can I bring my ___________ (your-pet-of-choice) to participate?

Any friendly pet is invited to attend. If you have any concerns or hesitations in bringing your pet because of their behavior or safety, we support you keeping your pet home. If your pet could appear to look like a toy or prey to another animal, consider bringing your pet in a secure environment, decorated to their liking, of course.

How do I register and what does it cost?

There is no registration and there is no cost! This is a free, community-unifying event. Just show up and connect with neighbors and resources. Pass on a smile and more good will.

What can I bring on the parade?

Strollers, wagons, streamers, pinwheels, & bubbles are permitted & ENCOURAGED! Fireworks and noisemakers are prohibited due to the distress they cause to the animals. Please, do not feed other people’s pets or the goats…or the llamas…or the mini horses…or the unicorn dinosaurs.

What if it rains?

Get wet, wear a raincoat or puddle-jump. In the case of heavy rain or lightning, we may need to cancel the event.

What is the parade route like?

The parade route is ADA accessible and takes place on pavement and sidewalk. It begins at the Lents International Farmers Market (Zoiglhaus Parking Lot), goes down 92nd Ave to Harold, turns onto the Multi-use Path, breaks off at Ramona and returns to 92nd Ave, back to the Farmer’s Market.  The entire loop is just under a 1/2 mile and does not officially take place in any streets. It is relatively flat terrain but may be slightly bumpy or muddy.

Can I volunteer in honor of a pet or person?

Absolutely! Go to the volunteer page for more details and let us know who you are doing service for so that we may honor them too.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered?

Email us! Send us a message at: or fill out the contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you!