Tips for Pet Safety

While our 2020 Pet Parade is re-designed for an entirely online experience, these are still helpful tips to remember when you’re out with your pet. 

Here’s a list of good ideas to help keep your pet safe, healthy & relaxed – all while having a great time at the Pet Parade! Pay particular attention to how your pet is doing around other people and animals – and in the weather. Portland temperatures, at this time of year, can change quickly and things can heat up fast for animals.

  1. Don’t leave your pet in the car, even just for a minute.
  2. Give your pet frequent access to plenty of water.
  3. Keep your pet on a leash. Even if they are friendly, other animals may not respond well to them being in their personal space. Prevent accidents by being proactive.
  4. Do not have your pet eat food without knowing the contents and sources are safe.
  5. Be aware of your pet’s stress level at all times. Your pet could greatly benefit when you check-in together, take a break, or pivot your plans to support their wellbeing.
  6. Keep your pet from eating plants on the ground like mushrooms and dandelions which can be toxic or cause allergic reactions.
  7. Know the signs of exhaustion, over-heating and too much stimulation: Watch for excessive panting, glassy eyes, discoloration on the tongue, nervous energy, high body temperature and agitation.
  8. Be observant for injuries or soreness, especially on the pads of feet or under fur and feathers.
  9. Be your own poop patrol. Help keep public spaces clean and prevent the spread of diseases by picking up after your pet.
  10. Ask for permission with the owner before you pet an animal that isn’t part of your own family. This helps everyone have a safe and respectful time.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health, check in with your vet for a consultation.