Pet Parade Information


An entirely ONLINE experience:

– Pet Photo Party – 

The 4th year of this event is taking on a new twist!  We will gather online all summer through a Pet Photo Party!

Visit the PET PHOTO PARTY page for all the details! 

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Visit our Facebook Event Page: Lents Community Pet Parade 2020!

We are still celebrating our community as we honor all creatures and species that call our neighborhood home! Get those pictures of your pets ready!



2020 ACTIVITIES are currently being planned in light of quarantine. We will not gather in-person or on-site. This will be an entirely on-line experience

Check out what took place last year in 2019:

  • Join 2019’s grand marshals of the parade, Elmo & Tiny Dancer – mini unicorns (we mean therapy horses!) Find them on Instagram @ElmoTheLittleHorse.
  • Meet & greet the local pups-in-training from Guide Dogs for the Blind.
  • Strike a pose with your pet at the photo-booth. There’s lots of props to choose from!
  • Get your face painted, run in the sprinklers, blow bubbles or make your own button to accessorize for the parade.
  • Become part of the Poop Patrol Squad! Great for kids who want to add a little whimsy to responsibility. You’ll receive a badge, poop bag and extra free raffle tickets for
  • Join in the parade with a balloon-animal from a twisting artist! You’ll find Patricia with the rainbow hair and she’ll be taking your requests! She’s also fluent in ASL, American Sign Language.
  • Visit the booths at the Lents International Farmers Market to pick up beautiful flowers, fresh fruits & veggies, local honey or exquisite cuisine! The market runs every Sunday through November, 9am – 2pm.
  • Smile for the camera as Roberto Rodriguez Photography captures the magic of our event!
  • Talk with a Vet from Mt. Scott Animal Clinic, pick up a goodie bag, and take a guess at their kibble jar for prizes!
  • Take a Fire Engine Tour of the Lents Fire Department fire truck from 11-12… as long as they’re not out on a call!
  • Pick up material about the Humane Society’s low-cost spay/neuter program, therapy training and foster opportunities.
  • Win one of several raffle prizes (Psst, raffle tickets are given out free to any pet or person who comes in costume!)

Please Note: All of these fantastic pets must be under guidance at all times, by leash or in a cage. No exceptions…unless you are fish, then you can be in your bowl. All owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior and for cleaning up their waste. Extra poop bags will be available, just ask if you need an extra from the Poop Patrol Squad!


Here are some details from PAST parades and what we hope to continue in future years once again when the time is right:  

  • The parade route is a less-than-a 1/2-mile loop that begins at the Lents Int’l Farmer’s Market and progresses on the sidewalk of 92nd Ave. to Harold Ave, then takes the paved Multi-use Path to the sidewalk of Ramona and back to the market. It is wheelchair accessible and does not take place on any streets. Please be mindful of additional pedestrian traffic and the temperature of the pavement for your pet’s paws.
  • Water stations will be available for pets. For people, visit the vendors at the Int’l Farmer’s Market!
  • Portable restrooms will be available on-site. An ADA-accessible portable restroom is located in the Farmer’s Market area. Sorry pets, these are for your people so please allow them some privacy.
  • Raffle tickets are FREE but given out for costumes & participation in activity stations. If you are “caught” cleaning up after your pet and keeping the area clean, you get an extra raffle ticket, too!
  • In the farmer’s market area, due to permitting restrictions, just dogs, cats & fish are allowed. Cuddly animal toys, inflatables, and balloons are permitted, too. Other animals such as chickens, goats, horses, llamas, parakeets, snakes, ferrets, pigs, bunnies, and dinosaurs(!) can find extra space in the neighboring field.
  • Volunteers will be wearing neon-colored, animal-print bandanas to assist you and answer questions. If you or your group would like to sign up to be a volunteer, visit the volunteer page.

This is a family-friendly, kid-appropriate, pet-loving, human-honoring event.

Everyone is invited and welcomed. (Teddy bears count too!)